LTI web design

Leisure Time Industries

Fee Structure...

1. Payment of Fees.

Fees are due and payable on the following schedule:

After an initial consultation, will we require a 50% deposit of the agreed to fees. Once received, we will complete the web site to your specifications. Upon your approval that the wording is as you wish, we will require final payment and make the website live only once payment is received.

2. Responsibilities of Client.

All images and text must be provided by the client. All website text is supplied in it's final, or least near final version. Any and all content of the website is the full responsibility of the client.

3. Standard Website Package.

Our Standard Website includes the design and creation of up to 5 web pages, with prices starting at $500. Additional web pages are $75 each.

Text: Web pages may be up to 1,200 words of text and may be subject to additional fees if more words per page are required.

Photos and other graphics: Up to 6 images per page may be incorporated into the website. Images must be submitted via email, diskette or CD. All images that are submitted must include a description of where they should be placed on the website.

Minor updates and changes: Minor updates and changes may be made to existing web pages for up to 14 days after the completion of the website. Any changes to the website thereafter will be charged the hourly rate of $55.

Anything beyond the standard website may be charged additional fees.